The Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi tablet gets a rare $30 discount on Amazon today

Apple iPad deals are few and far in between, especially for the latest models. Amazon treats us to a rare $ 30 discount on the 256GB iPad Mini today. This discount brings this Apple tablet to its lowest price on the online store yet. Jump on this opportunity to save on one of the best […]

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Your shiny new Apple Card could get discolored if you have a leather wallet

The Apple Card may be made of metal, but it turns out it might not be as impervious as hoped. That’s not, however, because of the build material — but rather because of its color. According to a new support page from Apple, the Apple Card could end up being “permanently” discolored if it’s stored […]

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The best cameras for street photography in 2019

You’ve heard it a million times: “The best camera is the one you have in your hand.” Well, kind of. The reality is different cameras suit different genres, and deciding which camera to put in your hand certainly has an impact on the pictures you can take. When it comes to street photography, you’re going […]


New cinema filters from Moment give your phone footage the Hollywood look

[embedded content] Moment, known for its line of popular smartphone add-on lenses,  introduced a new series of cinema-quality glass filters on Wednesday, August 21. Both neutral density (ND) and circular polarizer (CPL) filters are available in 37mm sizes which attach to the Moment photo case via a bespoke filter adapter. Previously, filters could be adapted […]


The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is at its cheapest price ever on Amazon

If the price tag of the GoPro Hero 7 Black gives you heartburn, but you still want a quality GoPro action camera, the Hero 7 Silver is a great alternative. You get many of the Black’s features for a fraction of the price. Right now, Amazon’s selling the Hero 7 Silver for just $ 210, […]


The best black-and-white photo apps for iOS and Android

The heart, soul, and inspiration for many aspiring photographers are personified by the universally beloved landscape photographer Ansel Adams, the Monochrome King. Despite the ubiquity of color images native to digital cameras, the drama of black-and-white photography never lost its allure, and people always seem to be able to connect with its moody monochrome magic. […]


Leica’s new 50mm lens will set you back $4,500, because Leica

Previous Next Leica has introduced the APO-Summicron-SL 50mm f/2, a full-frame L-mount lens that costs $ 4,495. Panasonic, a member of the L-mount Alliance, also has a 50mm lens available for the system — with a faster f/1.4 aperture and lower price of $ 2,300. We’ve used it, and it’s a fantastically sharp lens. So […]