How to record a Zoom meeting

Zoom has never been more popular as employees of all kinds turn to the easy-to-use video and audio conferencing solution for swift chats with their peers. But as web conference users always discover, no matter how effective a video meeting is, you still need to share it with others who couldn’t make the meeting or […]

What is G-Sync?

How to change your Gmail password

The best MacBook Air cases and covers


UK debunks 5G-coronavirus link after conspiracy theorists burn cell tower

While there’s zero factual support for a conspiracy theory linking the COVID-19 virus to 5G cellular technology — and the scientific community has concluded that 5G is safe — the UK government was forced today to explicitly address the topic after arsonists burned down a cell tower over 5G, and used Facebook to encourage others to follow […]

Apple to keep all of its U.S. stores closed until at least May

Mayo Clinic starts using autonomous vehicles to deliver coronavirus tests and medical supplies

Apple will stop taking cut of some video app purchases made through the App Store


Olympus E-M1 Mark III vs. Olympus E-M1 Mark II: Is the upgrade worth it?

The Olympus E-M1 Mark II was eclipsed by the launch of the E-M1X, which promised even better stabilization, enhanced speed, and a handheld high-res mode but in a much larger, more expensive camera. But photographers no longer need to choose between the more advanced camera or the more portable camera, thanks to the launch of […]


Image Editing 101: How to crop and straighten an image in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is full of advanced editing tools that let you do everything from change the color of an object to remove the background from an image, but the seemingly humble crop tool is among the most important. Photoshop offers a couple of ways to crop an image, but the crop tool offers more control, […]


The best wide-format photo printers for 2020

Printing photos at the nearest photo lab can be expensive. If you like to have some control over your photo prints, you should invest in a wide-format photo printer. They are investment products that are useful for professional photographers and digital artists.  The best wide-format photo printers have a variety of features. Some use Bluetooth […]


The best lenses new photographers need in their bag

New photographers often spend hours narrowing down the options for a camera body, but mere seconds deciding on a lens. This isn’t your fault — camera manufacturers often bundle a kit lens (or two) with a camera to make it seem like you’re getting a great deal. While kit lenses may be fine for some […]


Beyond filters: Unlock the power hidden in Instagram’s photo editing tools

There are many powerful photography apps out there, but if you want a simple way to bring your images to life, Instagram’s built-in editing tools are more than up to the task. Especially for photographers who showcase their work exclusively on Instagram, it makes sense to do almost everything inside the app. Although we can’t describe […]