The Best Gaming Monitors of 2018

How to Buy the Right Gaming Display Whether you’re a serious PC gamer or a casual after-hours warrior, your hardware can be the pivot point between victory and defeat. To get the most out of the latest first-person shooter (FPS), sports, racing, and other fast-action games, you’ll not only need a gaming PC with a […]

Intel's Chip Shortage Slows PC Business for Acer and Asus

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

MacBook Air (2018) review


Tappy debuts finger-scanning watch bands for mobile payments

As stores increasingly accept contact-free payments from smart watches and phones, consumers are getting used to tendering payments through Apple, Google, and Samsung — big intermediaries that share each bank’s transaction fees. Now banks have an alternative: Hong Kong’s Tappy Technologies has developed a battery-less biometric payment authentication system that can fit inside a watch […]

Withings launches the $130 Pulse HR activity tracker, its second product since spinning out of Nokia

Best iPhone XR cases

Trigo Vision partners with Israel supermarket chain for 272 cashierless stores


Nikon gets serious about mirrorless with new Z7 and Z6 cameras, available now

After celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017, Nikon is starting a new chapter with the introduction of its Z-series cameras, the Z7 and Z6. The full-frame models represent Nikon’s big push into the mirrorless category, which has been hotly anticipated for some time. After launching the Z7 first, the availability of the Nikon Z6 followed with a […]


Moment’s 58mm tele lens for phones lets you zoom in closer to the action

Previous Next Phone manufacturers may be adding more lenses to smartphones to boost camera versatility, but attaching external lenses to a phone is an alternative method of enhancing your photography game. Moment offers a variety of lenses — such as macro, super fisheye, wide angle, and anamorphic — for Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, and […]


Picture this: The Aura packs thousands of photos in a single frame (for a price)

Are you one of those people who loves to take pictures, but miss the old days of displaying images in photo albums or frames? Some of us at Digital Trends really, REALLY miss those times (read: me). So when we got the chance to test out Aura ($ 299), the digital photo frame that connects […]


Full frame or 4K for less than $1K? These 4 older cameras still have a lot to offer

Cameras tend to come in tiers — there are the big, professional rigs; the mid-priced enthusiast models; and the baby beginner ones. Each tier has a corresponding price point, with the professional models naturally costing the most. But, as cameras age, those prices begin to fall — and eventually, the price an older upper tier […]


AirSelfie 2 review

When it comes to selfies, there are generally two ways to get that perfect shot. You can either use the outstretched arm method, or you can enlist the help of a selfie stick. However, thanks to miracles of modern technology, we now have a third option for snapping pictures of ourselves: selfie drones. In the […]