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18 Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying

Our accessory picks help you keep your Apple Watch charged, make it look like a modern-art showpiece, and pack it up perfectly.
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18 Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, and have a few dollars to spare, Series 4 offers more than any Apple Watch before it.

The newest Apple Watch is more health-focused than ever before; later this year, it will add electrocardiogram functionality, but there’s also fall detection and alerts for low heart rates. Cellular service should also improve thanks to a back that Apple says is transparent to radio waves.

But for all that the Apple Watch does, it’s still fun to accessorize. Our picks help you keep your Watch charged, make it look like a modern-art showpiece, and pack it up perfectly. They work with every model of Apple Watch unless otherwise indicated.

  • 1 Elago W3 Apple Watch Stand

  • 2 Native Union Dock Marble Edition

    One good design deserves another. The Native Union Dock Marble Edition is a good-looking solid chunk of marble. The charger tucks into the aluminum arm, which rotates so you can view the Watch whichever way it faces. </ziffbin>

  • 3 Bloc Power Bank

    This charging solution for the Apple Watch isn’t very portable, but it is pretty. The Boostcase Bloc Power Bank provides four full wireless recharges for Apple Watch. It comes in aluminum, gold, and rose gold, any of which would a nice addition to a desk or nightstand. </ziffbin>

  • 4 Proper Apple Watch Dock

    This simple Apple Watch dock fits easily on a bedside table or desk for easy charging and display. </ziffbin>

  • 5 Riggad LED Work Lamp

  • 6 Pantheon Keychain Magnetic Charger

    Take the Pantheon Keychain Magnetic Charger with you wherever you go. The keychain is ultraportable and considering how fast making calls can drain the battery on the Series 3, you’re going to want to keep it close. </ziffbin>

  • 7 Nomad Pod Pro for Apple Watch

    </ziffbin>The Pod Pro from Nomad is the thing to throw in your bag for when your Apple Watch and your iPhone need to be charged at the same time. It’s got enough power to keep them each topped up twice over.

  • 8 Pad & Quill TechFolio Apple Watch Case

  • 9 Time Travel Case

    After a long day of traveling, you want a cozy place where you can get some rest. With the Time Travel Case from WaterField Designs, your Apple Watch, its charger, earbuds, any extra bands, and even a smartphone all fit snugly. The leather case comes in cowboy brown or black. </ziffbin>

  • 10 Spigen Apple Watch Stand

    With a price that’s hard to beat, the Spigen Apple Watch Stand is a super-simple way to charge your Apple Watch. Just pop the charger that comes with the Watch into it and you’re set. It comes in five colors to blend in wherever you put it. </ziffbin>

  • 11 Amber Watchcase Power Bank

    The Apple Watch fits neatly inside the Amber Watchcase Power Bank. It also protects it from scratches, can charge it six times over on its battery, and acts as a continuous charger when plugged in. </ziffbin>

  • 12 Timber Catchall Stand for Apple Watch

    What would you do without your phone and watch? You don’t have to find out since the Timber Catchall Stand keeps them both together and lets you charge your Apple Watch with its charger. </ziffbin>

  • 13 Actionproof Apple Watch Case

    You want to be where the action is and so does your Apple Watch. To be safe, put it in an Actionproof Apple Watch Case first. It wraps it in shock-absorbing Laprene rubber. </ziffbin>

  • 14 X-Doria Revel Case

    </ziffbin>The X-Doria Revel Case gives bumper-to-bumper protection to the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3, and also adds some of your own style since it comes in rose gold, floral, and marble.

  • 15 Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery

  • 16 Supershieldz

    The Supershieldz screen protector adds anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology for the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3. </ziffbin>

  • 17 Elobeth Screen Protector

    </ziffbin>This screen protector slips over the face of the Series 4 to give it soft silicone protection from the bumps and scrapes of daily life.

  • 18 Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds With Mic

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