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Apple’s new Netflix-style video game service is finally here, and it’s only $5 a month – here are the Apple Arcade games not to miss

Skate City Apple Arcade&quotSkate City”/Apple Arcade
  • For $ 5 per month, Apple Arcade offers more than 100 video games on iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Apple TV and iPod Touch – without any microtransactions or ads.
  • Apple launched the subscription service on September 19 alongside its iOS 13 update, and its exclusive to Apple devices.
  • A bunch of brand-new games made their debut on Apple Arcade, and there are a handful of exclusive games that can’t be found on any other platform.
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Apple Arcade is a new monthly subscription service offering more than 100 video games for $ 5 per month. Every game included with Apple Arcade is available on iPhone, iPad, MacOS, iPod Touch, and AppleTV. New subscribers will get a free one month trial.

Apple Arcade is available now on iPhone and the iPod Touch as a part of the iOS 13 update – iPad OS will launch with Apple Arcade on September 24, and the MacOS Catalina update will add Apple Arcade to Mac computers when it’s released in October.

Apple Arcade’s launch includes tons of newly released games, and a few that are exclusive to the subscription service. Apple partnered with several prominent indie developers to ensure that Apple Arcade would have its own unique titles, and new games will be added to the service each week.

Unlike many popular mobile games, Apple Arcade titles don’t (and won’t) have in-game ads or microtransactions. Any updates to Apple Arcade titles will be included for free with the subscription. Some games include online play, but every Apple Arcade game can be played offline once downloaded.

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Apple’s latest software updates make PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers compatible with all Apple devices, too, so you can use those controllers with Apple Arcade games. The service makes use of saving to the cloud, so your progress in each game is automatically transferred between devices, so long as you connect to the internet.

I haven’t had time to dig into every Apple Arcade game yet, but I found a handful of awesome games that make the $ 5 subscription well worth it. I tested Apple Arcade using an 9.7-inch iPad running the iPad OS beta, and on an iPod Touch, the smallest, cheapest device that can still access the service.

Here are a few great games you should check out when trying Apple Arcade:

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