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How to Make Smartphones Last Longer

With so many people becoming unemployed in the pandemic-induced recession, we have no choice but to handle our technology differently. Put another way: We need to make our tech last longer. We generally do a poor job of this. As soon as a device like a smartphone starts to feel slow or its battery deteriorates, […]


Facebook advances VR rendering quality with neural 4×4 supersampling

Rendering 3D graphics for the latest high-resolution displays has never been an easy task, and the challenge level increases multiple times for VR headsets with twin displays using high refresh rates — something Oculus’ parent company Facebook knows all too well. Today, Facebook researchers revealed a new technique for upsampling real-time-rendered 3D content, using machine learning […]

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Unscheduled fixes for critical Windows flaws delivered through rare channel

Enlarge Microsoft Microsoft has published unscheduled fixes for two critical vulnerabilities that make it possible for attackers to execute malicious code on computers running any version of Windows 10. Unlike the vast majority of Windows patches, the ones released on Tuesday were delivered through the Microsoft Store. The normal channel for operating System security fixes […]

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Facebook removes hundreds of boogaloo accounts for ‘promoting violence’ in coordinated takedown

Facebook’s move against the boogaloo movement came after federal prosecutors charged several adherents of the movement with crimes across the United States, including the murder of a security officer at a federal courthouse in Oakland, Calif., and a plot to use explosives at a demonstration in Las Vegas protesting the police killing of George Floyd. […]


How to mute a tab in your browser

When you’re surfing the web, nothing can be more annoying than a browser tab suddenly deciding it needs to be heard. Whether a site has an auto-playing video or a repeating sound effect, it’s possible to silence that pesky tab and relinquish your weary eardrums. Here’s a look at how to mute a tab across […]