The best texting games

Smartphones are more powerful than ever, and that means gaming on phones has never been better. It wasn’t always possible to play graphically intensive games on a phone. In fact, believe it or not, there was a time SMS texting games were all the rage, and they still are for some. Whether it’s because of finances, […]


MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

Riley Young/Digital Trends With Apple recently launching a new MacBook Air, you might be wondering how it stacks up against the base-model MacBook Pro. Though they both share Retina Displays and keyboards, and even fall in a similar price range, there are some significant specs differences and other changes that differentiate the two devices. In […]


‘Diablo IV’ was reportedly rebooted in 2016, could have been like Dark Souls

[embedded content] Blizzard disappointed its most vocal players during BlizzCon 2018 earlier this month, failing to announce a fourth main Diablo game while also revealing the mobile-exclusive Diablo Immortal. It appears, however, that development on Diablo IV hasn’t exactly been smooth thus far, in and the current version of the game has only been in […]

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Study: It only takes a few seconds for bots to spread misinformation

Enlarge / Visualization of the spread through social media of an article falsely claiming 3 million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 presidential election. Filippo Menczer Shortly after the 2016 election, newly elected President Donald Trump—peeved at losing the popular vote to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton—falsely claimed he would have won the popular vote if […]