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India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart to Sell Products Online

Supported by India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart to Sell Products Online ImagePrime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has turned protectionist. Protesters demonstrated in New Delhi this year when the American retailer Walmart bought a majority stake in the Indian e-commerce retailer Flipkart.CreditCreditSaumya Khandelwal/Reuters By Vindu Goel Dec. 26, 2018 The Indian government dealt a […]


How to use Split View on a Mac

Riley Young/Digital Trends Split screen modes divide your computer screen into two different halves so you can view two different windows at the same time. This is immensely useful for research projects and more complex work assignments (especially on laptops), which is why so many students and professionals hunt down ways to split their screen […]

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Self-driving car tech will soon help to judge gymnastics competitions

Fujitsu Lidar, the laser-bouncing tech used in self-driving cars, is pretty versatile. When it’s not making autonomous vehicles smarter, it can be used for uncovering lost cities, finding bodies in unmarked graves, helping protect areas from wildfires, and … judging athletic contests? That’s the application that Fujitsu has in mind with a new lidar-based system […]


What is RAM?

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends Bill Roberson/Digital Trends Random access memory, or RAM, is one of the most important components of not only desktop PCs, but laptops, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Without it, doing just about anything on any system would be much, much slower. Even not having enough for the application or game you’re trying […]