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After employee revolt, Google says it is “not close” to launching search in China

Google’s employees and Google’s management are clashing over ethical issues again. Just two months after Google’s “Project Maven” military drone project was seemingly resolved, Google’s employees are now up in arms over company plans to create censored products for China. The internal protests resulted in the issue being addressed at an all-hands meeting, and we […]


Chromebooks May Include Dual Boot Feature to Load Windows 10

Windows 10 might be arriving on Chromebooks as a “dual boot” feature that’ll let you load up Microsoft’s operating system on startup. Google developers have been dropping possible hints on the feature’s arrival through a website devoted to tracking Chrome OS’s code changes. According to XDA Developers, the upcoming feature is codenamed “Campfire,” an apparent […]


Lenovo’s new mobile workstations pack a punch with Xeon CPUs, Quadro graphics

Lenovo introduced two new mobile workstations arriving at the end of August that are based on eighth-generation Intel Core and Xeon processors. The ThinkPad P1 is the thinnest of the two, measuring 0.7 inches, while the bigger ThinkPad P72 is thicker at 1 inch. Both support huge amounts of system memory, Nvidia’s professional graphics and fingerprint scanners […]