GamesBeat Decides: The Bad Awards

It’s nice to look back and smile at the best games of the year, but let’s be real — we all have more fun being snarky a-holes. With that in mind, the GamesBeat Decides podcast handed out The Bad Awards as part of its GamesBeat Rewind 2018.

For this episode, we created a bunch of awards to hand out to the worst games, the biggest disappointments, and some noticeable embarrassments. Enjoy!


You can download the podcast by clicking here. Or click play on the gizmo below:

Here are the award categories this year:

  • Detroit’s back of the bus mistake
  • We worked 100 hours weeks
  • Riot Games sexual harassment
  • The “Hey, why I am playing the baby version when I can play the real thing”
  • Worst “Let’s Build a Castle” Midgame of the Year
  • Ain’t No Roach
  • This is Sparta? This is boring
  • Caving into Japanese shareholders Award
  • Best Argument for a Union Award
  • Sick of mobile timers
  • “I hate Spiders” award
  • The Award For Loving Your Own Farts
  • The Best Game At Saving Me Time By Being Bad
  • The “Oh, great. Now I have a responsibility” Award
  • The John McAfee Award For Destroying Wealth and Wasting Time
  • The “Why Is This OK in Video Games” Award
  • The He-Man’s Manly Game for Men Award
  • I’m a bad Tolkein fan Award
  • The “I guess that was a bad idea after all” Award
  • The Game I Should have Like But Didn’t Award

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