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Premiere Rush, Adobe’s streamlined video editor, is gaining more advanced tools. On Tuesday, August 6, Adobe announced version 1.2 of Premiere Rush, adding the young editing program’s most-requested feature with speed adjustments. The updates allow users to adjust the speed of a video, including tools to leave the audio intact with those changes.

At the most basic level, the new speed tool allows video editors to choose a percentage to slow down (less than 100%) or speed up (more than 100%) video clips. The adjustments can be made using a slider or by typing in a percentage. Users can also select a specific length of time to make the clip instead.

The tool heads beyond simple speed changes, however, including allowing users to adjust the speed in only a portion of the clip, rather than affecting the clip as a whole, using the option called speed ranges. Speed ramping, meanwhile, will make those speed changes gradually, instead of abruptly switching from full speed to slow or fast motion.

Changing the speed of a video, however, also impacts audio, creating higher pitches in faster videos and lower pitches in slower videos. A maintain pitch option, enabled by default, helps keep the original pitch of the audio when making speed changes. 

Adobe says that speed controls are the most-requested feature among users for the new video editing program. Designed for creating videos for social media, Premiere Rush is a parsed-down video editor that is designed for beginners or advanced users that want to edit from any device. Unlike the program’s inspiration, Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush can be used on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Adobe says the new speed features are designed with Rush’s audience in mind — with simplicity for non-professionals but with flexibility for the more advanced users that choose to work with Rush because of the ability to edit from a mobile device. Speed changes applied in Rush will carry over to projects that are later opened in Premiere Pro, Adobe says.

Adobe Premiere Rush is available for a $ 10 a month subscription, or bundled with Premiere Pro for $ 21 a month.

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