T-Mobile Prepaid Brand Metro to Offer 5G Service Next Year


Eager to try 5G mobile service when it becomes available, but not a fan of contracts? T-Mobile’s newly renamed prepaid brand Metro, formerly MetroPCS, has you covered.

On Monday, T-Mobile announced that Metro will launch 5G service at some point next year, making it the first prepaid brand to make that commitment.

“5G is going to be huge. It’ll transform the wireless experience,” T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray said in a statement. “Metro by T-Mobile customers deserve access to the latest technology, and we’ll make sure they get it.”

In terms of timing, expect Metro to pick up 5G later than parent company T-Mobile, which intends to debut the super-fast service early next year.

Metro plans

Meanwhile, Metro also today officially launched its new unlimited plans featuring Amazon Prime and Google One.

Priced from $ 60 a month, Metro’s highest-tier plan now includes 100GB of Google One storage, which would normally set you back $ 1.99 a month, and a subscription to Amazon Prime, which is usually $ 12.99 a month. The next plan down, priced from $ 50 a month, gets you the extra Google One cloud storage so you can back up your phone, but does not include Prime. All plans throttle video to 480p and deprioritize data after 35GB is used per month.

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