FDA allows AliveCor’s AI ECG to detect coronavirus drug-induced heart problems

While rivals worked to build basic ECG functionality into smartwatches, AliveCor received FDA approval last year for a first-of-kind six-lead consumer ECG — the KardiaMobile 6L — that could be positioned at multiple sites on the user’s body, gathering additional heart rate data for broader measurements and greater diagnostic accuracy. Now, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to […]

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Facebook and YouTube block spread of supposed whistleblower’s name and photo. Twitter allows both.

But Twitter said it would permit such references, including posts that name the person Trump supporters say is the whistleblower and photos claiming to depict him. This split came after repeated warnings by the whistleblower’s lawyers that publicizing a name puts that person and the person’s family at risk. The lawyers sent a sharply worded […]