Andrew Yang, Amazon’s fraud unit, NASA spacewalk | Digital Trends Live

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler breaks down the trending stories in tech, including Amazon’s new fraud unit, false facial recognition arrests, self-sanitizing earbuds, Friday’s ISS spacewalk, and more. Andrew Yang Nibler then speaks with Andrew Yang, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and former 2020 presidential candidate, who discusses the Data Dividend Project, […]

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Amazon’s formal challenge to huge Pentagon award uses videos that mark potential influence exerted by Trump

The e-commerce giant formally filed a protest with the Court of Federal Claims to challenge the award of the cloud-computing contract, following through on a threat it made last week. It said it did so under seal to protect trade secrets. In a statement, Amazon repeated its claims that “unmistakable bias” and “political influence” tainted […]