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This mother and daughter team with no computer-science background left $350,000-a-year-combined jobs to launch a startup and couldn't be happier

Mother and daughter team, Ashlee Ammons (left) and Kerry Schrader, Mixtroz foundersMixtroz The founders of the hot Birmingham, Alabama, startup Mixtroz had the deck stacked against them when they quit their high-paying jobs to found their event-tech startup. The mother-and-daughter team, two black women who had successful careers on their own, knew nothing about tech. […]


MIT, Adobe’s new A.I. could bring one-click background removal, social filters

[embedded content] Removing a background from a photo is a time-consuming process — but researchers from MIT, Adobe, and Microsoft may have just created technology that will allow for one-click background removal, even around tough edges like hair and fur. The process, called semantic soft segmentation, uses color and texture to automatically separate the image […]