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Amazon was having official talks with city officials just the day before it canceled the New York HQ2

Business Insider/Jessica Tyler Amazon was still trying to hammer out a deal with New York officials and union representatives, just the day before the company officially canceled plans for its proposed HQ2 headquarters in NYC, Bloomberg reports. Amazon executives, city officials, and union heads reportedly met Wednesday to address “outstanding issues” related to the proposal. […]

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Mozilla to use machine learning to find code bugs before they ship

[embedded content] Ubisoft’s Commit-Assistant In a bid to cut the number of coding errors made in its Firefox browser, Mozilla is deploying Clever-Commit, a machine-learning-driven coding assistant developed in conjunction with game developer Ubisoft. Clever-Commit analyzes code changes as developers commit them to the Firefox codebase. It compares them to all the code it has […]

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Before Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison joined Tesla's board, he gave an impassioned defense of his 'very close friend' Elon Musk

Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.Oracle; Kiichiro Sato/Associated PressOracle; Kiichiro Sato/Associated PressOracle founder Larry Ellison and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Tesla on Friday announced the two newest additions to its board of directors: Walgreens executive Kathleen Thompson-Wilson and Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison. In October, Ellison heaped praised on Tesla’s CEO […]

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Kill it before it lays eggs! Crazy 32-leg robot moves like a cyborg sea urchin

[embedded content] We’ve written about one-legged, two-legged, four-legged and even six-legged robots, but researchers from Japan’s Keio University and the University of Tokyo have gone way, way further with their latest project: A 32-legged robot. Called Mochibot, the spherical robot moves by telescoping its individual legs, thereby pushing it wherever it needs to go. When […]