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Civil Rights Groups Ask Advertisers To Stop Buying Facebook Ads In July

Several civil rights and other advocacy groups are calling on large advertisers to stop Facebook ad campaigns during July because they say the social network isn’t doing enough to curtail racist and violent content on its platform. The groups in the “#StopHateforProfit” campaign, launched Wednesday, include Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color Of Change, […]


What Tech Products Are We Buying This Black Friday?

The holiday shopping season is coming up quickly. Some of us may have already started, but it really begins with a vengeance on Black Friday, the infamous day after Thanksgiving, when retailers offer amazing deals on just about everything—including consumer tech products, the very things PCMag reviews all year. We were curious (naturally) about which […]


HP: Yeah, Xerox is Thinking About Buying Us

HP could end up joining forces with Xerox, uniting two personal computing pioneers under one company. On Wednesday, HP confirmed it had received an acquisition offer from Xerox after The Wall Street Journal first reported the news. “We have had conversations with Xerox Holdings Corporation from time to time about a potential business combination,” HP […]

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Tesla is now facing its most dangerous adversary yet, and it could be proof that buying SolarCity was a huge blunder

A cleanup crew works through the ashes of a Tesla-managed solar roof fire at a Wal-Mart in Indio, California.Wal-Mart v. Tesla, complaint Wal-Mart claims in a new lawsuit that Tesla was negligent in operating and managing 244 solar roof contracts it had with the retailer. In at least 7 cases, according to Wal-Mart’s complaint, Tesla’s […]