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Here’s how Google has changed throughout the decade, from its quirky campus to its famous ‘moonshots’

AP Google was already a giant in the tech industry by the end of 2009, dominating in ad-search, video-sharing, and mobile operating systems. The company was still famously eccentric, housing a dinosaur statue on its Googleplex campus and regularly tweaking its signature logo on the search page to celebrate different events. But Google management looked […]


How meme culture changed the PSAT

Enlarge Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/Getty Thank you for coming and welcome to the College Board’s Preliminary SAT and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the Internet Age edition. You must bring two No. 2 pencils, a photo ID, and an approved calculator. You must not smuggle in a protractor, or scarf down a sandwich, or post memes on […]

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10 years of Bitcoin: How a geeky cryptocurrency changed the world

Happy birthday, Bitcoin! From its birth 10 years ago, Bitcoin has grown from fledgling cryptocurrency proof-of-concept into a real world cash alternative that’s taken seriously by everyone from economists to technologists to national governments. In the process, it’s helped spark the launch of 2,000 more cryptocurrencies, achieved a record high of nearly $ 20,000 per […]