The best Microsoft Office deals for April 2020

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have been office staples in schools and workplaces for decades, and most of us are at least vaguely familiar with these programs. If you haven’t really used these all that much (or have mostly used them in classes or offices where they were already paid for), however, then you’re probably less […]


The best cheap Dell laptop deals for April 2020

There are quite a few computer brands around today, but only a couple are as iconic and recognizable as Dell. This company has long been at the forefront of the consumer PC revolution and has been making machines for students, professionals, gamers, and regular users alike for decades now, but this seasoned pedigree hasn’t stopped […]


The best cheap gaming laptop deals for March 2020

Whether you’re a MacOS or Windows person, it’s pretty obvious that laptops have overtaken desktop PCs when it comes to popularity and market share, and when you think of a computer today, you probably imagine one of these portable machines. Hardware has become faster, lighter, and cheaper at an exponential rate, and few products have […]