Digital Storm Lynx

Build it yourself, or go with a prebuilt model? That’s the classic dilemma when you’re shopping for a gaming desktop. California-based specialty builder Digital Storm aims to deliver the benefits of both worlds with its Lynx mid-tower (starts at $ 799; $ 1,999 as tested). Designed for serious gaming, it’s offered in four prebuilt configurations […]


Digital Storm Lynx review

While Digital Storm’s flagship Aventum X is a powerful showpiece melding together the best of modern technologies in a massive tower, the company’s Lynx gaming PC is a stylish workhorse that doesn’t weigh more than 50 pounds. Like the Aventum, the Lynx is capable of supporting multiple graphics cards, and the tower’s smaller but still […]

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Arik Shtilman, cofounder and CEO of RapydRapyd Fintech unicorn Stripe participated in a $ 40 million financing round for payments service company Rapyd. Rapyd aims to use the new cash to build what it calls “the world’s largest local payments network.” It’s a critical component of its ambition to become the Amazon Web Services of […]


The Leica M10-D is a reincarnated classic ‘film’ camera with digital guts

Previous Next Leica’s latest camera would be tough to pick out among a line of classic film cameras, despite the camera’s digital sensor inside. On Wednesday, October 24, Leica debuted the Leica M10-D, a full-frame digital rangefinder camera with a screen-free body channeling classic film. As part of Leica’s digital rangefinder series, the Leica M10-D […]