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There’s a giant EMP blaster in New Mexico. Don’t worry, it’s here to protect us

Sandia National Laboratories When you hear about the potential risk of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) disabling virtually every electronic device within a country, there’s a good chance you think, “Hey, I remember that James Bond movie plot.” But just because the threat of an EMP emitted by a nuclear weapon exploded in the skies above […]


Luminar’s new libraries don’t even need you to manually import images

Previous Next Skylum Skylum Skylum Skylum Skylum Luminar finally has a digital asset management library — and photographers don’t even need to import images. On Thursday, December 6, Skylum opened pre-orders for Luminar 3, an update that brings the long-teased library tools to the RAW photo editor, effectively turning the program into a Lightroom competitor. […]