Falcon Northwest FragBox (2019)

The Falcon Northwest FragBox (starts at $ 2,299; $ 4,411 as tested) is a custom small-form-factor (SFF) gaming desktop. The mission of this iconic machine has been the same since the first versions reached our labs in the mid-2000s: pack as much computing performance as possible into a semi-portable form factor. Its integrated carry handle […]

Emerging Tech

SpaceX just nailed its most challenging Falcon 9 rocket landing to date

SpaceX Update: thanks to favorable weather conditions and a perfectly executed launch, SpaceX’s Nusantara Satu mission was at least a partial success. At time of writing, the rocket’s payloads (a satellite and a lunar lander) have not yet been delivered into orbit, but it’s second stage booster was successfully recovered after landing on SpaceX’s autonomous […]