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A gorgeous new video game features stunning re-creations of its famous Hollywood cast – here’s the full roster

French actress Léa Seydoux plays the character “Fragile.” French actress Léa Seydoux plays the character “Fragile.” Fragile appears to be in the same line of work as the game’s main character, Sam — she’s a courier, ferrying valuable supplies between the remaining cities in the game’s destroyed, near-future version of America. Mexican movie director Guillermo […]

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There’s a new Minecraft game coming, and it’s played entirely in augmented reality

You’ll be able to build structures and worlds on your table with friends… Microsoft …and then deploy them full-size in the real world. Minecraft You can also find and collect monsters to use in your builds. Microsoft Microsoft may believe it has made augmented reality’s killer app: the just-announced Minecraft Earth for iOS and Android. AR on […]


Game for Peace, PUBG Mobile’s replacement in China, earns $14 million in first 3 days on iOS

As it turns out, Chinese players love battle royale mobile games. According to market analyst Sensor Tower, the iOS version of Tencent’s Game for Peace has topped $ 14 million in player spending in just three days. The free-to-play multiplayer shooter caused a stir among Chinese mobile players earlier this week when Tencent suddenly replaced PUBG […]

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Windows Solitaire inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

Enlarge Microsoft The classic Windows game Solitaire has joined such landmarks as Doom, Tetris, and World of Warcraft in being inducted into the Strong Museum of Play’s World Video Game Hall of Fame. The award recognizes Solitaire‘s role as a significant part of gaming’s history. Solitaire was first bundled with Windows 3.0. Much like the other notable bundled […]