What is ray tracing, and how will it change games?

Ray tracing is a lighting technique that brings an extra level of realism to games. It emulates the way light reflects and refracts in the real world, providing a more believable environment than what’s typically seen using the static lighting in more traditional games. A good graphics card can use ray tracing to enhance immersion, […]


The best games for couples to play together

Even though there are countless single-player experiences out there, some games work best with a player two. If you want to team up with your significant other for puzzles, platforming, and more, this one’s for you. We’ve rounded up the best video games for couples to play together. Although all of our picks work well […]


How publishing indie games is like building a band

Guillaume Jamet is the VP of publishing and marketing at Dear Villagers, which is the indie-publishing division of game-distribution company Plug-In Digital. Guillaume joins How Games Make Money host Jeff Grubb to talk about the kinds of studios he wants to work with. He also explains what Dear Villagers looks for in games. Join us, […]