FedEx: Huawei Phone Caused ‘Panic’

UPDATE 6/25: FedEx spokeswoman Katie Wassmer Johnson told PCMag via email that “a well-intentioned new team member misinterpreted regulations and made a mistake in not accepting a package, which FedEx has acknowledged.” Original Story: Apparently Huawei phones are now so scary, they’re giving package handlers panic attacks. Last week, PCMag’s UK writer Adam Smith tried […]

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Huawei ban threatens U.S. national security, tech companies warn Trump administration

(Jason Lee/Reuters) U.S. technology companies have told the Commerce Department that the Trump administration’s ban on selling to the Chinese tech giant Huawei could significantly harm their bottom lines and might damage their ability to develop new technological innovations, including those needed by the U.S. military. The companies are making the claims in applications for […]