How to hide apps on an iPhone

Apps are the iPhone’s essence. Yes, each iPhone has its own hardware, its CPU, touchscreen, camera, and battery. But apps are what make all this hardware do useful things. However, as useful and as fun as iPhone apps are, you might not want the apps you have on your own iPhone to be on full […]


Report: New 4.7-Inch iPhone Launching in March

In recent years new iPhone models got bigger, with the iPhone 8 being the only new iPhone available today with a 4.7-inch display. However, we’re apparently getting a brand new, small iPhone in March. As Bloomberg reports, Apple’s suppliers are gearing up to begin mass production of a new 4.7-inch iPhone, with the work split […]


How to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

For a sizable percentage of iPhone owners, their smartphone is a camera that also makes phone calls — in addition to helping them manage their calendar, send and receive email, shoot video, watch movies, and pay for stuff at the store. Apple’s iPhone cameras have been inspiring amateur photographers — and professionals — to create […]