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These firms promise high-tech ransomware solutions—but typically just pay hackers

Enlarge / Cryptolocker was one of the ransomware pioneers, bringing together file encryption and bitcoin payment. Christiaan Colen / Flickr This story was originally published by ProPublica. It appears here under a Creative Commons license. From 2015 to 2018, a strain of ransomware known as SamSam paralyzed computer networks across North America and the UK […]

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Britain just laid out plans to end the internet’s Wild West days and take a world-leading role in regulating big tech

Reuters Britain wants to end the internet’s days as the Wild West by taking a world-leading role in regulating the world’s biggest tech companies. The UK government said it wants to legislate for a new independent regulator that will oversee “harmful content” on social media, search engines, messaging, and file-sharing platforms. It would be the […]

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A new 'Fortnite' update just added a bunch of new skins to the game – here are all the outfits you can unlock during Season 8

&quotFortnite”/Epic Games “Fortnite,” the world’s most popular game, just launched its massive Season 8 update. Season 8 brings seven new skins to the game, including three legendary skins with evolving style choices. The new skins can only be unlocked with the Season 8 battle pass, which will be available until May 9th. Season 8 of […]