Emerging Tech

Parker Solar Probe makes a second orbit of the Sun, captures solar wind on video

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe approaching the Sun. NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio The Parker Solar Probe, launched last year, has completed its second orbit around the Sun. The results obtained from the mission have been very positive, according to Dr. Nicky Fox, Director of the Heliophysics Division at NASA Headquarters, who said in a statement: “We’re […]

Emerging Tech

This plane-pulling robo-dog makes Boston Dynamics’ Spot look scrawny

[embedded content] Between Boston Dynamics’ assorted robo-canines and the Swiss robot dog carrying out oil rig inspections, four-legged robots are making some impressive strides these days. But, at least as far as pure strength is concerned, none can measure up to the hydraulic quadruped robot HyQReal, created by researchers at Italy’s Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia […]


Focus Home Interactive makes deals with Sumo Digital, Saber Interactive, and Games Workshop

French gaming publisher Focus Home Interactive has started a new partnership with Team Sonic Racing developer Sumo Digital. Focus Home Interactive is also strengthening existing relationships with World War Z studio Saber Interactive and Warhammer company Games Workshop. All three of these announcements came today. Focus Home Interactive is making a statement by revealing so […]


Content-Aware Fill makes objects in video disappear with A.I. in After Effects

Adobe Three years after Adobe launched Content-Aware Fill to “magically” fill gaps in photos, the tool is coming to video. On Wednesday, April 3, Adobe announced a list of new features and performance improvements for the brand’s video and audio applications, including Content-Aware Fill for After Effects, workflow enhancements for Premiere Pro, and new punch […]