Tappy debuts finger-scanning watch bands for mobile payments

As stores increasingly accept contact-free payments from smart watches and phones, consumers are getting used to tendering payments through Apple, Google, and Samsung — big intermediaries that share each bank’s transaction fees. Now banks have an alternative: Hong Kong’s Tappy Technologies has developed a battery-less biometric payment authentication system that can fit inside a watch […]


How Munich’s IDNow uses AI and biometrics to enable mobile authentication

As people increasingly rely on mobile gadgets to handle everyday chores, they frequently run into old-fashioned requirements to present paper-based forms of ID to verify a wide range of transactions. To eliminate this cumbersome step, IDnow wants to make authentication as easy as taking a selfie. The technology is particularly of interest to mobile-based financial […]

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Verizon denies allegations that it’s degrading mobile data service for Hurricane Florence victims

A pedestrian uses a smartphone outside a Verizon Communications store in downtown Chicago in July 2016. (Bloomberg News) (Christopher Dilts/Bloomberg) Brian Fung Policy reporter focusing on telecommunications, media, cryptocurrencies and competition September 18 at 2:20 PM Verizon said Tuesday that it is not slowing down or degrading the wireless services of North Carolina residents who […]