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Trump warns he’ll ‘monitor the censorship’ on social media after Facebook banned some far-right leaders

President Trump on Friday threatened to “monitor” social-media sites for their “censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS,” a day after Facebook permanently banned far-right figures and organizations including the conspiracy theory site InfoWars. Trump’s subtle threat — delivered in a series of tweets — marked the president’s latest broadside against Silicon Valley, which he has repeatedly accused […]

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A.I. could monitor farms from above to make sure they’re not illegally polluting

The idea of an artificial intelligence that watches from the skies, seeking out wrongdoing, sounds all a bit sci-fi dystopia. Actually, it describes a new deep learning A.I. being developed to help detect farms that are illegally polluting waterways. “According to the [Environmental Protection Agency], agriculture is the leading contributor of pollutants to the waterways […]