Here’s why an affordable 5G iPhone is the only right move for Apple

It’s an understatement to call Apple broadly misunderstood. Yesterday, despite a 4.8% U.S. GDP decline, Apple somehow beat analysts’ consensus expectations by roughly 8%, miraculously growing its quarterly revenues year-over-year despite a global pandemic and near-complete shutdown of its physical stores. None of the analysts — paid professional Apple-watchers — had predicted an increase, proving that […]


Google’s AI teaches robots how to move by watching dogs

Google researchers developed an AI system that learns from the motions of animals to give robots greater agility, reveals a preprint paper and blog post published this week. The coauthors believe their approach could bolster the development of robots that can complete tasks in the real world, for instance transporting materials between multilevel warehouses and […]


Micron Technology acquires Fwdnxt to move into AI hardware and software

Micron Technology said it acquired Fwdnxt, a maker of hardware and software tools for artificial intelligence deep learning applications. When combined with Micron‘s memory chips, Fwdnxt (pronounced “forward next”) will enable Micron to explore deep learning solutions required for data analytics, particularly with internet of things and edge computing. Micron also announced a series of […]


ProBeat: Microsoft and Samsung move like molasses

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella didn’t say anything significant at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked this week. You could argue he didn’t have to. The CEO of a $ 1 trillion company showing up to your event is enough to make a statement. And the statement is that Microsoft and Samsung are strengthening their partnership in a variety […]


Here’s every Alexa Built-in phone that can access Amazon’s assistant on the move

Amazon’s own phone-selling initiative has been through some serious changes since it began. Originally launched under the Prime Exclusive banner, Amazon offered significant discounts on certain phones in exchange for lock screen ads and targeted advertisements. Amazon eventually did away with the ads, but kept the strong discounts and automatic access to Amazon products like […]