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‘Does the Apple Watch work without an iPhone?’: Yes, but its available features depend on your internet connection – here’s what you need to know

Getty Images It may be counterintuitive to say, but yes, the Apple Watch does indeed work without an iPhone. However, you will be sacrificing many of the watch’s more prominent features if doing so. Without an iPhone, the features available to you on your Apple Watch depend on the availability of cellular and Wi-Fi connection. […]


Need For Speed: Heat seems painfully uncool

Electronic Arts is making another Need For Speed game, probably because some spreadsheet somewhere said that it should. It announced Need For Speed: Heat with a trailer this morning, and based solely on this video, it looks as uninspired as other recent entries in the series. Here’s how Electronic Arts describes the premise for Heat […]


MacBook Pro 16-inch: Everything you need to know

Concept by Viktor Kadar Forget ancient whispers of Atlantis or hushed speculation on Kate Middleton’s latest haircut, there’s a hot new rumor in town: Apple will launch a brand-new, high-powered 16-inch MacBook Pro imminently. What will it look like? How fast will it be? And most importantly, how deep a hole will it burn in […]

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Ten under-the-radar games at E3 2019 you need to get excited about right now

Screen shot from “Lost Words.” (Sketchbook Games/Sketchbook Games) By Harold Goldberg June 14 The best surprises at E3 come from smaller games, the makers of which rarely sacrifice their art, design and storytelling for the sake of commerce. While some of these will be distributed by bigger game publishers, the creativity is sometimes staggeringly proficient […]