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Parker Solar Probe makes a second orbit of the Sun, captures solar wind on video

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe approaching the Sun. NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio The Parker Solar Probe, launched last year, has completed its second orbit around the Sun. The results obtained from the mission have been very positive, according to Dr. Nicky Fox, Director of the Heliophysics Division at NASA Headquarters, who said in a statement: “We’re […]

Emerging Tech

Small country, big dreams: Israel’s tiny spacecraft posts a selfie from orbit

Selfie image from Beresheet, taken 37,600 kilometers (23,400 miles) from Earth SpaceIL Curiosity and InSight aren’t the only spacefaring crafts snapping selfies — Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft shared an image of itself floating far above the Earth this week. The first privately funded mission to the moon was launched by the Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL at the […]

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SpaceX rocketed a plush Earth doll into orbit on its new Crew Dragon spaceship. Now supplies of the little toy are dwindling.

Astronaut Anne McClain plays with a plush Earth toy inside SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule. The vehicle docked to the International Space Station on March 3, 2019, marking the first arrival of a human-rated commercial spaceship at the football-field-size laboratory.NASA TV SpaceX launched the first commercial spaceship designed to fly people, called Crew Dragon, on Saturday […]