Light Phone II

Your smartphone is rotting your brain. At least, I know mine is. I’ve been covering smartphones for about 15 years, and my attention span is shot, fragmented into a thousand pieces each enslaved to the endless scroll. The $ 350 Light Phone II aims to rescue us and rebuild our minds, by giving us a […]


Tiny Palm Phone Gets Tiny Service Plan

I am dealing with a huge phone right now. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is so huge it makes hands hurt, and so expensive it makes wallets ache; your wireless sommelier would ideally pair it with a top-of-the-line service plan. So when I heard about a $ 5 service plan for a tiny phone, I […]

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Facebook deceived users about the way it used phone numbers, facial recognition, FTC to allege in complaint

(Richard Drew/AP) July 23 at 2:31 PM The Federal Trade Commission plans to allege that Facebook misled users’ about its handling of their phone numbers as part of a wide-ranging complaint that accompanies a settlement ending the government’s privacy probe, according to two people familiar with the matter. In the complaint, which has not yet […]