The Best Unlocked Phones for 2019

What’s the Difference Between Locked and Unlocked Smartphones? In the US, many phones are sold locked to a wireless carrier—either through a software lock that prevents you from using the phone on other carriers, through a payment plan that doesn’t permit you to leave that carrier, or through hardware frequency restrictions that exclude other carriers’ […]

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WhatsApp accuses Israeli firm of helping governments hack phones of journalists, human rights workers

WhatsApp alleged that NSO helped government agencies deliver malicious software through seemingly harmless WhatsApp video calls, even if the targets never answered their phones. The malware was capable of initiating a powerful form of spying that included the ability to intercept communications, steal photos and other forms of data, activate microphones and cameras, track the […]


How We Test Phones

Smartphones are just smart, they’re also phones. Here at PCMag, we try not to forget both halves of that equation when we’re testing voice phones, smartphones, and mobile carriers—which we do to the tune of around 100 handsets each year. We submit all the phones we rate to a string of tests in our lab. […]