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Facebook and YouTube block spread of supposed whistleblower’s name and photo. Twitter allows both.

But Twitter said it would permit such references, including posts that name the person Trump supporters say is the whistleblower and photos claiming to depict him. This split came after repeated warnings by the whistleblower’s lawyers that publicizing a name puts that person and the person’s family at risk. The lawyers sent a sharply worded […]

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This invisible photo filter protects you from facial recognition software

[embedded content] Machines are getting increasingly impressive at recognizing things — most of the time. Occasionally, some reminder comes along which showcases how something that’s instantly recognizable to humans can, with a few tweaks, be rendered totally baffling to a computer. Capitalizing on this, an Israeli company has developed some smart software that promises to […]


With a touchscreen, the new Loupedeck goes all in on tactile photo, video work

[embedded content] Loupedeck launched as a tactile photo-editing console, but the company’s latest venture mixes tactile controls with a touchscreen interface designed for more than just photographers. On Tuesday, October 29, the company unveiled the Loupedeck Creative Tool, a customizable creative control console with dials, buttons, and a touchscreen to streamline access to creative software […]


Epson crams wide-format printing into a compact, voice-activated photo printer

Epson Wide-format printers are notoriously big and pricey, but the Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Small-in-One printer delivers desktop-friendly borderless prints. The photo printer spits out prints up to 11 x 17 from the touchscreen controls or a computer — or you can ask Alexa, Google, or Siri to print for you. The Small-In-One series designates […]


Monogram’s modular controls deliver custom, tactile photo and video editing

Previous Next The company that launched a vendetta against menus and mouse clicks to create a faster, tactile photo and video editing experience is back. Monogram, formerly Palette Gear, launched a new creative console on Kickstarter on Monday, September 16. Monogram Creative Console is a modular control system that brings new slimmer, more responsive sliders, […]