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Pixelbook Go review: A cheaper Pixelbook does not come without compromises

Enlarge Valentina Palladino Google’s relationship with its own Chrome OS hardware has been a peculiar one. While other OEMs regularly push out new Chromebooks for users with various budgets, Google continues to refresh its hardware just once a year. Until now, those updates have produced luxury Chromebooks with varying degrees of popularity: 2017’s Pixelbook won […]


Google’s Pixelbook Go team focused on fixing bugs instead of adding features

Google’s freshly unveiled Chrome OS clamshell, the Pixelbook Go, won’t ship with much new software. That’s because the team spent outsize time ensuring its existing features worked without issue, according to Google senior director of product management Matt Vokoun and senior product marketing manager Tom Kim. “We really focused this year on stability, quality, and […]

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Dell tempts Pixelbook lovers with premium, $599 Inspiron Chromebook 14

The new Inspiron Chromebook is the first premium Chrome OS device from Dell. Valentina Palladino It’s a convertible with an 14-inch FHD touchscreen. Valentina Palladino The Chromebook’s full-sized keyboard and trackpad. Valentina Palladino The chassis hides an included active pen. Valentina Palladino Dell’s Inspiron Chromebook starts at $ 599. Valentina Palladino Dell added a new […]