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Sony announced what's next for PlayStation with a Nintendo-style presentation called 'State of Play'

“Concrete Genie” (PlayStation 4) “Concrete Genie” (PlayStation 4) Sony debuted its upcoming action adventure game “Concrete Genie” last year, but State of Play offered a closer look at the game’s story. A teenager named Ash is charged with restoring his abandoned hometown with a magic brush, but he’ll have to escape bullies and battle monsters […]

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Sony might have killed the PlayStation Vita, but these games showed off its peak potential

“Gravity Rush”/Sony“Gravity Rush” was originally a PlayStation Vita exclusive, but was remastered for PlayStation 4.&quotGravity Rush”/Sony Sony discontinued production of the PlayStation Vita in March 2019, bringing the lifespan of this  portable video game console to a close. Released worldwide in February 2012, the Vita was the successor to the PlayStation Portable, but failed to […]


How to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to a PC

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 five years ago. The next-generation console fittingly launched with a controller that iterated on DualShock design in great ways. The DualShock 4 debuted with an impressive set of features, allowing it to quickly supplant the DualShock 3 among Sony loyalists. Though slightly heavier than its predecessor, the controller showcased improved analog sticks […]

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Cryptography failure leads to easy hacking for PlayStation Classic

Enlarge / The PlayStation Classic’s internal USB, removed and picked at as part of the hacking effort. Yifan Lu / Twitter In the days since the PlayStation Classic’s official release, hackers have already made great progress in loading other PlayStation games (and even non-PlayStation software) onto the plug-and-play device. What’s more, it seems some sloppy […]


How to record and share gameplay on the PlayStation 4

For lots of players, saving and sharing their favorite gameplay moments and playthroughs has become essential to the video gaming experience. Considering how much players like to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and streaming services like Twitch to show off their gaming experiences, it makes perfect sense that the PlayStation 4 includes some handy tools for creating and uploading […]