How to record a Skype call

perig76/123RF Need to record a Skype call so you can watch or listen to it again later? Whether it’s for a family memento or a potential podcast, you might want a simple way to record your audio or video conversations. We’ll be assuming you’ve already installed the latest version of Skype for our guide or […]


How to record your computer screen

Whether you’re a gamer setting up your own YouTube channel or an entrepreneur attempting to create a video of your latest project, you’ll probably have moments where you think, “I wish I could record that!” While many of today’s computers come pre-equipped with microphones and webcams, they don’t always come with options for easily recording your […]

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Apple Cracks Down On Apps That Quietly Record Users' Screen Time

Apple is cracking down on apps that record iPhone users’ screens after a TechCrunch investigation revealed a number of major companies have been quietly recording their customers’ screen activity. A review of the apps by TechCrunch and a mobile security expert found that companies like Expedia and Abercrombie & Fitch embedded so-called “session replay” technology into their apps […]