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Three words: Robot. Talent. Agency.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots is an entertainment superstar. Don’t believe me? Check out its various appearances on YouTube and you’ll quickly change your mind. A Spot launch video from last year gained 6.5 million views. A video of Spot dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” racked up almost 6.8 million. A video of one Spot […]

Emerging Tech

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot gives New Zealand sheepdogs a run for their money

Previously immune to the threat of techno-replacement (unless you want to count robot pets like Sony’s Aibo), sheepdogs in New Zealand are currently facing competition from the encroaching wave of automation, courtesy of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. A new video shows Spot carrying out a variety of assistive agricultural tasks, including inspecting crops and, yes, […]

Emerging Tech

This 3D-printed four-legged robot is ready to take on Spot — at a lower price

Most people reading this will be familiar with four-legged robots such as the dog-inspired Spot robot developed by Boston Dynamics or Swiss robotics company ANYbotics’ ANYmal. But while there’s no doubt that such robots are supremely impressive, they’re also expensive — which could limit their application in certain domains. That’s a problem that a new […]


Attack of the terrifying robot vacuum

Enlarge / Terrifying in the wrong context. iRobot Earlier this week, alarmed in the middle of the night by a noise downstairs, a North Carolina man named Thomas sent his wife to “a safe place” and then grabbed his phone to flip on some smart lights in the kitchen. He picked up his gun and […]