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This is Robots Everywhere — a show where we chronicle the slow but steady takeover of our future robot overlords, and show you how they’re making their way into practically every facet of modern life. Let’s block ads! (Why?) Emerging Tech | Digital Trends

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A Japanese University used remote-controlled robots to hold a virtual graduation

ANA Group Avatar robot. Business Breakthrough University (BBT) in Tokyo, Japan held a virtual graduation ceremony due to the coronavirus. Students called into the ceremony using video-conferencing tool Zoom, and they were displayed on mobile robots. Events including graduations and weddings have been moved online to “Minecraft,” “Animal Crossing,” and other online games since the […]


Google’s AI teaches robots how to move by watching dogs

Google researchers developed an AI system that learns from the motions of animals to give robots greater agility, reveals a preprint paper and blog post published this week. The coauthors believe their approach could bolster the development of robots that can complete tasks in the real world, for instance transporting materials between multilevel warehouses and […]

Emerging Tech

Digital Trends Live: Instagram’s warning to users, NOLA ransom, weeding robots

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Nicole Raney dig into the top trending tech stories of the day, including Instagram’s warning to users, illegal streamers’ guilty plea, New Orleans’ cyberattack-motivated state of emergency, a swim-powered lung, weeding with taser robots, and more. Miguel Nunes We also return to more highlights […]

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Killer Robots Aren’t Regulated. Yet.

Times reporters traveled to Russia, Switzerland, California and Washington, D.C., talking to experts in the commercial tech, military and A.I. communities. Below are some key points and analysis, along with extras from the documentary. Do I need to worry about a Terminator knocking on my door? Most experts say you can rest easy, for now. […]