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Former Google self-driving engineer, who prompted a lawsuit against Uber, gets hit with criminal charges

Anthony Levandowski, a former Google engineer, allegedly stole trade secrets and provided them to Uber to help its self-driving program. (Eric Risberg/AP) Greg Bensinger Reporter covering algorithms and artificial intelligence August 27 at 2:59 PM Former Google executive Anthony Levandowski, whose move to Uber prompted a bitter multimillion-dollar lawsuit more than two years ago, was […]


AI Weekly: How self-driving cars could reduce emissions, eliminate parking spots, and add $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy

During Tesla’s inaugural Autonomy Day on Monday, CEO Elon Musk spoke about an idea first articulated in a document published three years ago — an autonomous taxi service built on the back of Tesla’s growing Model 3 and Model S network. It would be powered by the company’s Autopilot software and would allow any owner […]

Mobile tests robo-taxi program on its employees, promises self-driving trucks next

Guangzhou, China-based self-driving startup is joining an exclusive club of companies that have launched autonomous ride-hailing programs. At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, it took the wraps off of PonyPilot, a test project for “product-ready” driverless cars within a geofenced area in Guangzhou. It’s currently available to employees and “select affiliates” by invitation […]

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Self-driving apple harvesting robot suctions the fruit off trees

[embedded content] Picking apples isn’t a challenge that you’d necessarily think calls for the latest high tech robotic technology to solve. That hasn’t been enough to stop California-based startup Abundant Robotics, however. The company has developed a cutting edge solution to the apple-picking problem in the form of an autonomous tractor-style vehicle which can navigate […]

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U.K.’s ‘advanced’ self-driving car trials won’t require human safety drivers

It’s not just rival companies that are racing to introduce self-driving cars to the market. Different countries are also seemingly competing to cement their high tech-friendly statuses by embracing autonomous vehicle testing. With this in mind, the U.K. government announced that it is moving toward “advanced trials” of self-driving cars — meaning trials which do not […]

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Self-driving car tech will soon help to judge gymnastics competitions

Fujitsu Lidar, the laser-bouncing tech used in self-driving cars, is pretty versatile. When it’s not making autonomous vehicles smarter, it can be used for uncovering lost cities, finding bodies in unmarked graves, helping protect areas from wildfires, and … judging athletic contests? That’s the application that Fujitsu has in mind with a new lidar-based system […]


Intel, Mobileye, and Champion Motors team up to deploy Israel’s first self-driving taxi service

(Reuters) — Volkswagen and Intel’s Mobileye are planning to roll out Israel’s first ride-hailing service using self-driving cars starting early next year. The two companies are forming a joint venture with Israeli car importer Champion Motors, under which Volkswagen will provide the electric vehicles and Mobileye its autonomous driving technology, the companies said in a […]


Nvidia ‘more than happy to help’ if Tesla’s self-driving chip doesn’t pan out

CEOs from Tesla and Nvidia spoke during their respective second-quarter 2018 earnings calls about new autonomous-driving artificial intelligence chips for the next generation of Autopilot in Tesla cars. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was asked about Tesla’s previously announced plan to switch to in-house A.I. chips, which are still in development. Huang spoke first about Nvidia’s […]