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Microsoft: It would be cruel to stop government agencies using facial recognition software

Microsoft’s Face API.Microsoft Microsoft President Brad Smith told Business Insider that it would be “cruel” to stop government agencies from using facial recognition software. It follows activists writing to Microsoft, Amazon, and Google last month demanding they stop selling facial recognition software to the public sector. Smith said prohibiting sales could halt good work, such […]

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Evan Spiegel's old Stanford professor flamed the Snapchat CEO for failing to stop kids getting addicted to tech

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.AP Snap CEO Evan Spiegel should be doing more to stop kids getting addicted to tech, according to his old Stanford University professor Jim Steyer. Steyer, who now runs Common Sense Media, said Spiegel has been “missing in action” and needs to take more responsibility for protecting young people on Snapchat. It […]


FCC Effort to Stop Robotexts Prompts Censorship Concerns

The FCC says it’s giving more authority to wireless carriers to stop spam over text messages. But critics claim the commission may empower carriers to block legitimate content. On Wednesday, the FCC voted 3-1 against an attempt to reclassify SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages as “telecommunication services,” which would’ve have subjected the messaging […]


Stop missing the mark — here’s what you need to know about autofocus settings

Gannon Burgett/Digital Trends Despite modern advancements in photography making it easy for every man, woman, and child to get their Annie Leibovitz on, taking breathtaking photos isn’t always quite as simple as just hitting the shutter button. To make the most of your camera, you should understand a wide range of prerequisites, skills, and advanced functions in order to get […]