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Apple bans vaping apps from the iOS App Store

Enlarge / Woman smoking electronic cigarette. BSIP/UIG/Getty Apple has removed all 181 vaping-related apps from the iOS App Store, Axios reported on Friday morning. The move follows rising concern about the possible health impacts of vaping. Some of the banned apps provided news and information about vaping. Some were vaping-themed games. There were also apps […]

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Apple’s iconic glass cube outside its flagship 5th Avenue store has finally returned – check out its mesmerizing, colorful new look before it goes back to normal

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider The iconic sleek cube outside of Apple’s 24-hour Fifth Avenue Store in New York City just got a colorful new makeover. The store closed for renovations in 2017, with Apple opening a temporary location behind the cube in the interim. The new cube has a rainbow color scheme – but it’s only […]