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Actor Terry Crews says the National Enquirer's publisher tried to 'silence' him with fake stories as Jeff Bezos accuses the tabloid of blackmail

Terry Crews speaks onstage during the 2019 MAKERS Conference in California on February 8, 2019.Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for MAKERS Terry Crews has accused American Media Inc, publisher of the National Enquirer, of making up a false story to “silence” him. Crews said Radar Online, which is owned by AMI, tried to run a fake story […]


Ride the rails and share your stories with Amtrak’s new social media residency

Have a passion for travel and a knack for telling stories? The new #AmtrakTakeMeThere social media residency program aims to highlight travel experiences from different travelers on Amtrak social media. Amtrak calls the program “an open casting call” to find travelers to share stories from aboard long-distance Amtrak trips. The program, Amtrak says, isn’t looking […]


War Stories: Thief’s intuitive stealth system wasn’t intuitive to design

[embedded content] Video shot by Justin Wolfson, edited by Lee Manansala. Click here for transcript. Update: On November 30, 1998, gamers began to learn that being stealthy could be a viable strategy, too—that’s because game developers at Looking Glass released the landmark first-person sneaker, Thief: The Dark Project. As writer Richard Moss outlined in his […]


Bing Spotlight uses AI to highlight developing news stories

There’s an avalanche of news these days, and Microsoft wants to help make sense of it all. It today announced Bing Spotlight, an artificially intelligent news aggregator that provides an overview of developing stories in Bing search results. Bing Spotlight doesn’t just surface headlines. It shows a blow-by-blow timeline of events from “various perspectives,” plus […]