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The US DOC gives Huawei a 90-day window to support existing devices

Enlarge Huawei The Trump administration is working to ban Huawei products from the US market and ban US companies from supplying the Chinese company with software and components. The move will have wide-ranging consequences for Huawei’s smartphone, laptop, and telecom-equipment businesses. For the next 90 days, though, Huawei will be allowed to support those products. […]


Microsoft webmail services breached by hackers with support agent’s credentials

Hackers compromised Microsoft’s web-based email services, including accounts and MSN and Hotmail addresses, for months by using a customer support agent’s credentials. In an email sent to affected users, Microsoft said that the hackers were possibly able to access email addresses, subject lines of emails, folder labels, and the names of other email addresses […]

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Netflix ends AirPlay support on iOS in an ongoing souring of its Apple relationship

Enlarge / The Apple TV 4K and remote. Samuel Axon Netflix has confirmed that it no longer supports AirPlay, citing “technical limitations” with Apple’s video-slinging feature. The reasoning isn’t exactly about technical limitations that prevent Netflix from supporting the feature at all, though. Rather, Netflix has either chosen not to support it because the company […]

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Google’s cellular service gets rebranded, offers support for iPhones

Enlarge Google Fi Hot off the release of fully encrypted traffic earlier this month, Google’s cellular service, Project Fi, is getting a new name and greatly expanded device support—although that device support comes with some caveats. The rebrand is easy—Project Fi is losing its “Project” designation and is now just “Google Fi.” There’s a sweet new […]