Gears & Gadgets

50-inch Surface Hub 2S: $8,999, shipping in June; 85-inch version next year

Enlarge Microsoft First announced last year, Microsoft’s second-generation Surface Hub now has a price and release schedule—and a couple of new siblings, too. Surface Hub is Microsoft’s hardware dedicated to collaboration within meetings. It combines several roles, most notably digital whiteboarding and video conferencing, with Teams, Skype, and OneNote built into a single combined, integrated […]


Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

At this point, Microsoft’s line of Surface devices spans every kind of mainstream machine, from tablets to all-in-one desktops. The Surface Laptop debuted in 2017, filling the role of the straightforward clamshell in the lineup (read: no fancy transforming features). Now, the Surface Laptop 2 (starts at $ 999; $ 1,299 as tested) refines that […]

Emerging Tech

InSight has placed its heat probe, will dig 16 feet beneath the surface of Mars

NASA’s InSight lander set its heat probe, called the Heat and Physical Properties Package (HP3), on the Martian surface on February 12. NASA/JPL-Caltech/DLR Having placed its seismometer onto the Martian surface and covered it with a heat shield to keep it safe, NASA’s InSight mission has moved on to deploying its second instrument. New images […]


Microsoft applies for smart fabric patent for use in Surface laptops, wearables

Microsoft Image Gallery/Microsoft Our favorite gadgets may soon offer touch-sensitive surfaces made out of something other than glass. According to Windows Latest, Microsoft recently filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its development and proposed usage of touch-sensitive smart fabric technology. The patent application, which was filed in July […]