How to take a long-exposure photograph

Blur can be either a frustrating flaw or an artful tool to illustrate motion within a still photograph. A long exposure turns blur into something positive, smoothing waves, creating light paintings, obliterating crowds, and making traffic actually look attractive. Understanding long exposure opens up endless creative possibilities and, thankfully, isn’t terribly hard to learn. You’ll […]

Emerging Tech

This 3D-printed four-legged robot is ready to take on Spot — at a lower price

Most people reading this will be familiar with four-legged robots such as the dog-inspired Spot robot developed by Boston Dynamics or Swiss robotics company ANYbotics’ ANYmal. But while there’s no doubt that such robots are supremely impressive, they’re also expensive — which could limit their application in certain domains. That’s a problem that a new […]


Apple Might Take Over iPhone Display Factory

Apple is discussing a deal with Japan Display to acquire one of its primary display-making factories, according to Nikkei. Japan Display, which reportedly owes more than $ 800 million to Apple, discontinued operations at the Hakusan-based factory in July. Since the location serves no purpose, the supplier has offered both buildings and land in negotiations. […]


How to take pictures of Christmas lights

Jamie Davies / Unsplash Photographing Christmas lights is almost as hard as hanging them while wearing oversized mittens and balancing on an icy metal ladder. Night photography is always difficult, and cold weather and flickering lights only add to the challenge. Before you head out to ooh and aww over the local light displays this year, […]