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In Screening for Suicide Risk, Facebook Takes On Tricky Public Health Role

Supported by In Screening for Suicide Risk, Facebook Takes On Tricky Public Health Role ImageFacebook called Courtney Davis, left, a telecommunications operator at the Police Department in Rock Hill, S.C., about a man who was live-streaming a suicide attempt, helping Sgt. Bruce Haire find him.CreditCreditLogan R. Cyrus for The New York Times By Natasha Singer […]


Samsung’s C-Lab takes the wraps off 8 new products, including an AI-driven desk lamp

Samsung’s Creative Lab — or C-Lab, for short — opened its doors in 2012, and over the past six years, the internal incubator’s birthed innovations like smart glasses for the visually impaired, wearable 360-degree camcorders, and virtual reality home furnishing apps. (Samsung employees get a year off from their regular work to pursue a business […]

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Tom Cruise finally takes a stand… on your parents’ terrible TV settings

I’m taking a quick break from filming to tell you the best way to watch Mission: Impossible Fallout (or any movie you love) at home. — Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) December 4, 2018 Anyone who owns a high-definition TV has likely experienced the nagging sensation of something being not quite right when watching films. It’s […]

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Study: It only takes a few seconds for bots to spread misinformation

Enlarge / Visualization of the spread through social media of an article falsely claiming 3 million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 presidential election. Filippo Menczer Shortly after the 2016 election, newly elected President Donald Trump—peeved at losing the popular vote to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton—falsely claimed he would have won the popular vote if […]

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This CO2-sucking rock takes eons to form naturally. Now we can grow it in weeks

Could lab-grown magnesite help fight back against climate change? That’s what a new research project carried out by investigators from Trent University, in Ontario, Canada and The University of British Columbia suggests. Magnesite, a.k.a. magnesium carbonate, is capable of sucking up carbon dioxide (CO2) at an impressive rate, with one metric ton of magnesite capturing […]