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How quickly can AI solve a Rubik’s Cube? In less time than it took to you read this headline.

(Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post) July 16 at 3:20 PM Few things reveal the limits of someone’s problem-solving skills faster than a Rubik’s cube, the multi-colored, three-dimensional puzzle that has befuddled so many since the 1970s. Though the cube has furrowed countless human brows over the years, it’s not much of a challenge for an emerging […]

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Huawei’s export ban is wider in scope than most people imagine

Enlarge Huawei The tech industry is still trying to wrap its collective head around the Trump administration’s export ban on Huawei. We’ve seen Huawei be de-listed and then re-listed from industry groups like the Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, and the SD Association. Companies like Panasonic provided a statement to the BBC saying it would suspend transactions with Huawei, then later […]