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Google will face another probe from the Department of Justice, this time over its $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Google’s acquisition of Fitbit last month prompted immediate concerns about the tech giant’s new access to sensitive health data, amid government scrutiny over its already-broad access to a range of private data on its consumers. Now, the tech giant will face a government probe over $ 2.1 billion deal, according to a […]

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Tweens, teens and screens: The average time kids spend watching online videos has doubled in 4 years

But usage has surged despite mounting concerns from parents and consumer groups about the grip that smartphones and screens have on kids’ lives and development. Advocates worry that features hard-wired into certain tech platforms, such as YouTube’s default autoplay setting, reinforce the impulse to keep watching. “More and more screen time is devoted to content […]

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Sony is trying to sell off PlayStation Vue, but it might have a hard time of it

Enlarge / Sony’s PlayStation 4, for which Vue is currently the only cable-lite streaming subscription available. Kyle Orland Sony is seeking to sell off its PlayStation Vue TV business for a figure in the “tens of millions,” ending a multi-year experiment in taking on cable companies with lower-cost, “skinny” streaming TV bundles. Citing people familiar […]