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Intel promises Full Memory Encryption in upcoming CPUs

This looks like an advertisement for AMD Epyc processors until you get to that bright yellow “solutions available today” box and realize we’re talking about Intel. Intel Corporation Intel is a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, an open source community. Intel Corporation Intel TSC—currently only applicable to Intel (not third-party) server motherboards—offers an […]

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Disney’s Pixar is being sued by a San Francisco tattoo artist who says her designs for a unicorn-emblazoned van in the upcoming animated movie ‘Onward’ were stolen

A San Francisco artist is suing Disney’s Pixar for allegedly not only stealing her artwork for the studio’s upcoming animated film “Onward” but also for doing so under “wickedly misleading pretenses.” Pixar rented Sweet Cicely Daniher’s van emblazoned with a unicorn for a company event in September 2018 as a visual prop, only for Daniher […]


Check Out Android’s Upcoming AirDrop-Like Feature

You’ll never see Apple offer its most popular technologies on Android devices, but that doesn’t mean Google can’t take some notes and design similar features. Soon, it looks like Google will introduce an AirDrop-like feature to Android. In a video published by XDA Developers, we’re able to see ‘Nearby Sharing’ in action. There’s absolutely no […]


Authentic, holistic photography is in: 2019’s upcoming photography trends

An example of Adobe Stock’s Creative Democracy trend Adobe Stock 2019 is just around the corner and data from the biggest searches in 2018 can help photographers, videographers, and other creatives determine which projects will resonate most. Looking at search data from 2018, stock photography companies like Adobe Stock and StoryBlocks are looking to search […]